Monday, 5 November 2012

Peter Goodgold is the man behind revolutionary changes in the water industry

Peter Goodgold is the inventor of water ionizers and the owner of a renowned water solutions company as well. He is a man responsible for radical changes in the outlook people have towards water purification of water and the myths related to the same.

Mr. Peter Goodgold changed the general ideaof pure water. He revealed to the world how purified water might also not be perfect for drinking. He taught the world, the importance of alkaline water.

This gave rise a lot of development in the water purification business and there was the initiation of water ionizers to improve the alkalinity of the water. This way the water is not just pure and free from germs, but also has enough amounts of acids to digest food and keep your immunity strong. Mr. Goodgold single handedly led the innovative upgradation of water ionizing systems. He continues his good work of enlightening people about the need for healthy drinking water.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Peter Goodgold – the visionary water expert

Who would have thought that after completing a degree in filmmaking fromthe University of California Peter Goodgold would eventually end up becoming a professional water expert.

Peter has always been a visionary who has always inspired people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

He brought forward the concept of ionized water and its role in health and described its importance by saying ,”The simplest form of a compound that is colorless, odorless and tasteless, water is the most important thing for the survival of all kinds of living beings. Nevertheless, not all sources of water are suitable for drinking and this brings in place the importance of purest form of water, which is ionized water”

Pyramid (The first macrobiotic restaurant where raw food was served), “the Healing Water Hot Springs Center” are some unique concepts that are the result of Peter’s innovative mind apart from the revolutionary water ionizer systems.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Peter Goodgold- The Water Purification Expert!

Abilities cannot be learned. You either have it or not! While some are born with the physical ability, others are known for the metal aptitude!

The water purification genius, Peter Goodgold was known for his ability to concentrate and notice what is going around, since his childhood. Then he might not have any idea about the fact that with this ability, one day he will give a very precious gift to humanity.

Although Mr. Peter Goodgold pursued his academic credentials in professional filmmaking, he chose to study natural water bodies. Following this decision, he studied natural water bodies for years, and made few crucial conclusions.

He concluded that the quality of water of any water body could be determined on the basis of the percentage of alkaline water present in it. This theory was soon critically acclaimed by the experts worldwide.

Using this theory, he invented a water purifier, that works on this theory, and gifted mankind an effortless way to stay healthy.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ionized Water – A Healthy Quality Water that’s Worth more than Gold, Proved by Peter Goodgold

Even tons of Gold, Silver or priceless jewels cannot bring good health to you, nor can millions of dollars make you live without any health concerns. However, one thing, also known as mother of life, which is found in abundance on this planet is the mighty water. The simplest form of a compound that is colorless, odorless and tasteless, water is the most important thing for the survival of all kinds of living beings. Nevertheless, not all sources of water are suitable for drinking and this brings in place the importance of purest form of water, which is ionized water – says Peter Goodgold.

Peter Goodgold is a water consultant and the president of WaterWorks4U in United States for more than twelve years. His extensive research, clinical tests and advance studies in the field of bringing healthy water solutions recommends drinking ionized water in everyday routine life. Like a prophet, Mr. Goodgold keep on educating the commoners with the miraculous advantages of drinking alkaline water, which is responsible to ensure good health and maintain the balance of pH in our body.

The properties of ionized water is unique, it is rich in oxygen and contains millions of natural antioxidant bubbles known as hydroxyl ions and a negative charge known as Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). With the regular use of ionized/alkaline water, you can witness improved health, faster curing of ailments, enhance immune strength of the body, works for purification and removal of toxins from the body, helps in stronger enzymes for better digestion, revitalizing skin and cures skin problems. For all those old, sagging faces, Peter Goodgold recommends drinking ionized water for better health conditions as it also helps in reversing the aging process.

To get good quality of drinking water for your homes and offices, there are water ionization systems available in the market under different features and capabilities as per the requirements that can be easily installed in your home or office A powerful antioxidant, purest form of water from the Ionic Oasis water  ionizer is a great way to keep up the good health of yourself and the people you care about.

Peter Goodgold strongly recommends ionized water for drinking. At, wide range of ionization systems is available to select one for you.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Peter Goodgold - The Man Who Gifted the World, the Best Way to Stay Healthy!

Since always, there was an urge to know more about the working of nature in Mr. Peter Goodgold’s mind. Although he pursued his academic qualification in professional filmmaking from the University of California (Los Angeles), his inquisitiveness to know about the functioning of nature remained as intense as it was.

It was his interest in the existence of nature, which fueled him with enough enthusiasm to study the spritua; and scientific nature of natural water bodies for years. After a long observation, he came up with few remarks, and some conclusions. On the basis of those remarks and conclusions, he suggested that the quality of water in a water body could be determined on the basis of percentage of alkaline water.

He used this ideology to invent a water purification and ionization system. In no time, the revolutionary water ionizer was critically acclaimed by the experts worldwide. Since then, these remarkable appliances have found an inseparable importance in the homes and offices to create the purest and healthiest form of water for drinking, which helps in keeping our body pH correct at 7.365 pH.

That is how he gifted the formula to stay healthy, to the world!

Friday, 24 August 2012

For Your Good Health, Drink Loads of Water to Maintain the Acid-Alkaline Balance in the Body

We all want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and for this, we are advised to exercise daily and eat the right food. Drinking alkaline water on everyday routine lifestyle keeps our body immune to various health hazards and ailments by maintaining the proper pH balance inside the body. If we go by scientific notion, it has been revealed that the human body should have more or equal alkaline components rather than the acidic ones. In order to maintain the right balance between the acidic-alkaline compositions of the body, one should consume more of alkaline water every day.

This consumption will regularise the metabolism rate within the body and would try to flush out the unwanted toxins out of the body through waste. When a person has more of acidic substance accumulated inside the body, it would lead to several health problems related to heart, skin, digestive system and lot more. To avoid being engulfed to any such disease or disorder, a doctor usually recommends including alkaline rich food into the daily diet and drinking lots of water that has been ionized.

The most important and readily available ingredient to regularise the acid-alkaline balance in the human body is through drinking loads and loads of water. Since the human body consists of 70% water, so replenishing it with the same becomes mandatory for each of us. While fulfilling our consumption for water, one must look out for its quality too. The quality of water we drink should revitalise our metabolic rate that eventually helps in the proper functioning of the body organs.

However, according to the scientific reviews, we must go for alkaline water enriched with oxygen and negative ions that can remove the unwanted toxins and harmful chemical substances out of the body. Furthermore, this kind of water is helpful in repairing the damaged and dead cells in the body as this water has the right combination of minerals and nutrients in it. It helps in maintaining the pH balance and in removing the free radicals out of the body that causes harm to the cells of the body. This mighty form of water decreases the effect of acidosis, which leads to problems like cancer, fatigue, arthritis, etc.

Although, water is an odourless and tasteless substance, thus it doesn't contain any nutrients, but when it gets combined with other components, its physical properties changes automatically with the mixed substance. However, these changes sometimes are not good for health. To avoid these, one may take the help of water ionizers that are extremely useful to get alkaline water for a better and healthy living!

For more information on these water ionizers, electric, non electric or Peter Goodgold visit

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Peter Goodgold – "A name synonymous with holistic healing and better health"

All the pleasures and riches in the world are insignificant when we do not have a good health to enjoy them with, so a choice for health and wellness begins within each of us.This quote is true as health is wealth and there is no better way than adopting a holistic approach to preserve it. There are many people who patronize the good effects of holistic living and help to bring about a change in many lives. Mr. Peter Goodgold is one such name who is inspiring hundreds to choose the road to health. Mr. Goodgold is a water consultant and also an eminent documentary film maker.

Mr. Goodgold is responsible for introducing revolutionary water ionizers for alkaline water. For years he has been trying to spread awareness about the ill effects of tap water and the various benefits of drinking alkaline water. When asked what inspired him to make this water ionizer, he summed it up simply for us by sayingI created the Rejuvenator Water Ionizer. This health device provides alkalized, oxygen-rich antioxidant water directly from ordinary tap water making it an
effective tool balancing your bodies' pH. Wash waste products, toxins, and FAT out of your body simply by drinking ionized, alkalized tap water! "It's the Ionic Solution to your bodies Pollution'!

Mr. Goodgold has always been the pioneer of various things related to healthy and conscious living. He also has the credit of giving the first macrobiotic restaurants to Southern California, known as the Pyramid in the year 1973. These restaurants, serving raw food, were quite a success among health watchers. This successful endeavor then paved the way for a wellness retreat called as the healing water hot springs center. This alternative healing Centre in Eden Arizona has been functioning since the last couple of decades.

The road to this campaign for good health has not always been smooth. Mr. Peter Goodgold encountered various detractors all along the way. However, he was relentless in his pursuit of making a difference in the otherslives. Mr. Goodgold has an inspiring story that is helping many make a positive change in their lifestyle by, merely, choosing alkaline water.